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. Women with their inherent qualities of caring and compassion can play a major role in bringing about a great world balance.


     India faces enormous social challenges as well as opportunities for rapid development in the new millennium. Our unprecedented recent economic growth, the values of knowledge and education shared by a billion diverse people and the investments made over the last half century, all point to India’s potential future as a knowledge economy with a high level man (woman) power in the science and technology driven global village.

     Holy Cross College for Women, BHEL, Hyderabad has been rendering yeomen service in the field of women’s education for the last eighteen years. As we are faced with complex and competitive issues in the society, we are called upon to tap the human resources and the hidden potentials of women students and mould them to be agents for social change. In this scenario the teaching community needs to be constantly enhanced academically - updated in the fields of education, research and development and be in touch with the changing trends in society and economy. As Tortsen Husen says “ Educational innovations certainly do not come about automatically, they have to be invented, planned, initiated and implemented in a way that will make educational practices more adequately geared to the changing objectives of instruction and make them more consistent with the changing  standards of instruction.”

    Being aware of the changing needs of the society, we aim at imparting value based quality education, which will enable our students to face the challenges of today’s world. At Holy Cross College, the students will find a knowledge environment to grow in, be exposed to skill based learning and placement opportunities, grow spiritually and develop innovative ideas.

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